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Console On Device icon Console On Device
Debug in Your Phone

Console On Device icon Console On Device
Debug in your phone
Check application debug messages without a computer
iPhone application developers can use NSLog to write useful debug information into iOS system console. Usually this is not visible to non-developers, but Console On Device let's you look real-time into the log inside the device. This allows application debugging in hardware on a field-test trip or let's a remote beta tester email log files to developer. If you are curious, you can also check what else is your device doing behind the scenes.

Usually reading console requires connecting your iPhone to a computer and running Xcode, iPhone Configuration Utility or built-in Mac OS X Console application, which isn't as easy as it might sound like. With Console On Device you just select an application and browse its log.

Features: portrait and landscape screen orientation, refresh on demand, grouping by application and emailing application log messages.
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